SCC and IBM Data Fabric: Unlock your data for AI

Data is the lifeblood of every modern organisation, and it’s being created, stored, and analysed at an unprecedented rate across industries. But it isn’t enough to simply collect and store large volumes of data; businesses need to access, govern, and use this data, to drive digital transformation and successful AI adoption seamlessly and securely.

Data Fabric explained

A data fabric is a data management architecture that can optimise access to distributed data and intelligently curate and orchestrate it for self-service delivery to data consumers.

With a data fabric, you can elevate the value of your enterprise data by providing users access to the right data just in time, regardless of where it is stored. A data fabric architecture is agnostic to data environments, data processes, data use and geography, while integrating core data management capabilities.

It automates data discovery, governance, and consumption, delivering business-ready data for analytics and AI.

The challenge

  • Lack of data access
  • Numerous data sources and data types
  • Data integration complexities

The solution

With a data fabric, your business users and data scientists can access trusted data faster for their applications, analytics, AI and machine learning models, and business process automation, helping to improve decision making and drive digital transformation.

Technical teams can use a data fabric to radically simplify data management and governance in complex hybrid and multi-cloud data landscapes while significantly reducing costs and risk.

Data fabric delivered on IBM Cloud Pak for Data

IBM Cloud Pak for Data, delivered in partnership with SCC, provides a data fabric solution for faster, trusted AI outcomes. Connect the right data, at the right time, to the right people, from anywhere it’s needed. Use a unified platform that spans hybrid and multi-cloud environments to ingest, explore, prepare, manage, govern, and serve petabyte-scale data for business-ready AI.

Key features

  • Augmented knowledge – An abstraction layer that provides a common business understanding of the data and automation to act on insights
  •  Intelligent integration – A range of integration styles to extract, ingest, stream, virtualise and transform data, driven by data policies to maximise performance while minimising storage and egress costs
  •  Self-service – A marketplace that supports self-service consumption, enabling users to find, collaborate and access high-quality data
  •  Unified data lifecycle – End-to-end lifecycle management for composing, building, testing and deploying the various capabilities of a data fabric
  •  Multimodal governance – Unified definition and enforcement of data policies, data governance and data stewardship for a business-ready data pipeline
  •  Designed for AI and hybrid cloud – An AI-infused composable architecture built for hybrid cloud environments

The benefits

  • Enable self-service data consumption – Self-service, real-time data access lets business users spend less time on finding the right data and more time uncovering tangible insights that drive faster response to market changes.
  • Automate governance and data security – Apply industry-specific governance rules quickly across enterprise data by using active metadata to enable automatic policy enforcement for data protection.
  • Integrate data across any cloud – Make trusted data available quickly in hybrid and multi-cloud data landscapes. Automate data engineering to simplify access to data. Re-use data management capabilities for greater efficiencies.
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SCC has partnered with IBM for almost 40 years, bridging the gap between business needs and technology to deliver world-class solutions. From IBM’s technology to its people and vision, we work with our customers to deliver the strongest, most agile solutions. With a specialist dedicated IBM team, we are able to offer that extra support needed when helping our customers plan, integrate and manage their projects.


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