SCC and IBM Cloud Pak for Integration: Automate integrations to improve application speed and quality

What is IBM Cloud Pak® for Integration?

Businesses are on a break-neck journey to digital transformation. As Gartner notes, the net result is “tremendous pent-up demand for speed of automation and integration.”

But speed without the right approach will only get you to the wrong place faster. An API built too quickly or without proper testing can cause significant rework, costing time and money, as well as impact to application performance and ultimately, reputation. Effective integration
is delivered not only quickly, but with quality.

To integrate faster and better, every integration must be automated, leveraging best practices and built-in reuse; closed-loop, applying AI to realworld
operational data to identify issues and recommendations, driving continuous improvement; and multi-style, bringing together the right combination
of integration capabilities as opposed to one-style-fits-all.

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration is the solution to deliver both speed and quality, improving your integrations and your applications. With it we’ve seen
companies deliver 300% faster, eliminate over 33% of their costs and increase overall operational efficiency, while maintaining enhanced security, governance and availability.

The right approach to integration can help you address three key challenges businesses are facing today.

Three Key Challenges

Drive new engagement models and digital transformation:

• Promoting tailored offers at point of sale, based on past purchases
• Providing an omni-channel customer experience
• Delivering a holistic ’360’ view of your customers

Accelerate integration while reducing costs

• Empowering agile teams to build and deploy their own integrations
• Replacing the bottleneck of a centralized, monolithic architecture
• Removing the inefficiency and cost of maintaining multiple integration offerings

Reduce exposure to business and security risks

• Updating systems of record with integrity and at scale
• Keeping your reputation intact by protecting business data and customer records
• Ensuring that back-end systems can manage workloads without costly and disruptive changes or scaling

Click HERE to download the SCC and IBM Cloud Paks for Integration Factsheet

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