SCC and IBM: Accelerating business through modernisation

Data is the foundation to drive smarter decisions and fuel transformation. However, whilst 90% of business leaders list improving data as a top priority, only 15% of them are actually getting what they need from their data. That’s where AI comes in.

The IT market is shifting towards insight-driven self-service analytics and transformational business models.​ Now is the time to implement a strategy to reach the future state: unlocking the true value of your data. SCC and IBM are helping organisations to identify the business outcomes most important to them and maximise resilience.

The challenges

In order to turn AI aspirations into outcomes, you need to overcome three major AI challenges: data complexity, skills, and trust.

Data Complexity – Data is the lifeblood of AI, and if you don’t solve for its complexities, your progress can be slowed by data siloes, incomplete data, and the appropriate approach to governance. SCC and IBM can help you accelerate your journey to AI and understand the importance of a strong information architecture.

Skills – Such as knowing how to code, understanding and building deep learning and machine learning models, to bring AI to fruition. The challenge is that AI skills are rare, and therefore in high demand, so there’s a shortage of skilled workers available to hire. SCC and IBM can help to articulate how the field of integration is evolving rapidly to address these requirements.

Trust – To truly embrace and scale AI across the entire businesses, you need to break open the ‘black box’ of AI and trust the systems. It is critical to ensure AI recommendations or decisions are fully traceable – enabling you to audit the lineage of the models and associated training data, along with the inputs and outputs for each AI recommendation.

Click HERE to download the SCC and IBM: Application Modernisation Datasheet

IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Once you have been able to collect your data and organise it in a trusted, unified view, you can now tap into that data to build and scale AI models across your business. This enables insights from all your data, no matter where it resides, and engagement with AI to transform your business and create a clear competitive advantage.

Given the dynamic nature of AI, organisations are looking to automate their AI lifecycles across an array of contributors through collaborative workflows. An agile, resilient cloud-native platform with data virtualization that provides ready access to data at its source, DataOps to create trusted virtual data pipelines for self-service, and unified data and AI cloud services that are open and easily extensible enables clients to succeed with AI irrespective of their unique data and cloud landscape.

IBM’s open information architecture for AI is built upon Cloud Pak for Data on Red Hat OpenShift, which is IBM’s full data and AI stack, built for a hybrid, multi-cloud world. Delivered in partnership with SCC, Cloud Pak for Data offers a set of pre-integrated data and AI services, within an open and extensive cloud-native platform, giving you the capability to collect, organise, analyse your data, and infuse AI into your apps and process.

Click HERE to download the SCC and IBM: Modernising Data and AI Platform Datasheet


SCC has partnered with IBM for almost 40 years, bridging the gap between business needs and technology to deliver world-class solutions. From IBM’s technology to its people and vision, we work with our customers to deliver the strongest, most agile solutions. With a specialist dedicated IBM team, we are able to offer that extra support needed when helping our customers plan, integrate and manage their projects.


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