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Arming you with the information you need to identify, assess and act.

Your data is invaluable. Whether it’s financial reports, or even details of asset usage, data that focuses on recording “what has happened” often isn’t used to its full potential.

SCC’s analytics experts can help you to draw out the insight in your data, by understanding and identifying what is needed to deliver against your KPIs.

These experts recognise that there are four different analytics styles and that these need to be employed appropriately to deliver business benefit:

Descriptive Analytics

Enables organisations to understand what has happened and what is currently happening in their business. This is used to examine KPIs and key metrics in order to assess how a company is performing.

Diagnostic Analytics

Enables organisations to understand why things have happened. Used to uncover patterns and correlations that can explain everything from why revenue is down to why sales are up or assets are failing.

Predictive Analytics

Enables organisations to predict what is likely to happen next. This can be used to identify patterns in data to signal what is ahead as well as identify future risks and opportunities.

Prescriptive Analytics

Helps organisations decide what action to take next. Used to evaluate different ways to proceed and understand the consequences of each of set of actions.

Another dimension to the analytics landscape is the proliferation of data, and data types. This may require new techniques and technologies to be deployed to accommodate the velocity, variation and veracity of data. These challenges may require streaming capabilities to handle the velocity, or data matching and quality to address the veracity.

SCC takes a holistic approach and deploys the appropriate capabilities to develop and deploy an end-to-end solution. By recognising that existing investments may have been undertaken, solution design would look to consume and compliment previous or existing capabilities where possible. SCC’s consultative engagement style ensures business value, whilst making use of common analytics capabilities powered by IBM Netezza.

This can be delivered as a hosted service from their award-winning UK data centres, or on premise at your chosen location.

For further information contact;

Dave Willmott

Analytics Leader

E: [email protected]

T: 07972 623356

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