Samsung Galaxy TabPro S Wins The Which? Best Buy Award

Samsung Galaxy TabPro SWhich? has labelled the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S as “One of the best tablets on the market”.

What’s it like to use?
The superb premium build means it feels great in your hands. It’s nice and solid and goes some way to justifying the steep asking price. It’s a little tricky to use without the keyboard, thanks to the desktop-oriented style of Windows 10. Despite being a tablet, it’s almost identical to the Windows 10 that you run on your desktop – trying to navigate that with your fingers can be a little finicky. Once you snap the keyboard on though, you’ll feel right at home.

WHICH-LOGOThe 12 inch, 2160×1440 pixel Quad-HD display is simply gorgeous, with a large range of viewing angles and supreme clarity even in broad daylight. The speakers impress too, although (as is usually the case with tablets) they could use a little more bass

What’s the battery life like?

Samsung claims that the Galaxy TabPro S can last ten-and-a-half hours on a single charge. While that figure is feasible if you were being conservative with your usage, our tests found that it lasts seven-and-a-half hours if you’re watching video, or four-and-a-half if you’re browsing the internet – average at best. Interestingly, those figures apply for use both with and without the keyboard, so you don’t need to worry about it draining the battery.

Is there anything I should watch out for?

Whether or not you’ll find the attachable keyboard and trackpad comfortable is highly subjective. It comes with the GalaxyPro S, so you don’t need to worry about splashing out even more money on it, but we recommend you try it in person before shelling out the asking price, as the shallow feel and lack of feedback may but some off – others may not be bothered though.

Is there anything else I should know?

The Galaxy TabPro S is the latest tablet to include a USB C connector. This is the latest and fastest form of USB port, but it has a unique shape, meaning that old USB cables won’t fit into it. You’ll need to buy an adaptor if you want your old drives and peripherals to work with it.

Should I buy it?

The asking price is steep, but no steeper than its direct competition. What you get in return is one of the most impressive tablets ever made – and certainly the best big screen model. Not only that, but with Windows 10 and the attachable keyboard, you could potentially find yourself ditching your laptop for it. Do bear in mind that the experience without the keyboard suffers a little though.

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