Samsung Adds to S6 Edge

S6 Galaxy Edge+Samsung has taken its S6 Edge concept even further, launching a 5.7-inch version of the fast-selling, high-end Android device.

The Galaxy S6 Edge+ provides a larger screen option with the distinctive curved design and Samsung has provide a generous 4GB of memory and made the stunning Gorilla Glass, QHD Super AMOLED display even more scratch-resistant. It charges wirelessly and will fully restore in just two hours this way – or in 90 minutes if you plug it into AC power.

There are also two new stand-out features that social media enthusiasts will love. The Live Broadcast function enables users to stream 1080p high-definition video directly to YouTube at the touch of a button. The S6 Edge+ also comes with support for ultra-high quality audio (UHQA) for crystal-clear playback. Other cool features include Collage mode, which shoots four video clips and combines them into a single video collage, and Digital imaging Stabilisation to ensure clear and steady footage every time.

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