Safeguard Public Sector Digital Transformation with Fortinet’s Cyber Threat Assessment Programme (CTAP)

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The UK public sector is embracing Digital Transformation at an unprecedented rate with almost every facet of government implementing channel shift strategies and adopting “Digital by Default” best practices. Driving this change is the pressure on government to improve the user experience and deliver services more efficiently. At the same time, the mass adoption of digital technologies like smartphones and tablets has altered the expectations of the consumers of those services in the way they interact with the public sector.

However, public sector transformation does not come without risk or challenges and the security implications of a digital public sector include an expanding attack surface which increases the exposure to data breaches and ransomware. Furthermore, the complex structure of the public sector environment introduces security gaps favouring the proliferation of cyberattacks. In addition, as systematically experienced by the NHS, the aftershocks of a breach can be devastating and can lead to reputation and revenue losses as well as undermine the public’s trust in these services.

To manage the dynamics of change within this complex environment and deliver secure e-government Fortinet’s Cyber Threat Assessment Program (CTAP) is here to help. CTAP will validate your network’s current security accuracy, analyse application traffic, assess user productivity, and monitor network performance – all at no cost to your organization. A Fortinet expert will deploy a FortiGate high-performance next generation firewall to monitor key indicators within your network, and 5-7 days later you will be presented with a comprehensive report that speaks to your organization’s network security posture. To find out more about CTAP please click here or to view a sample CTAP report please click here.


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