S6 Edge Offers More

SamsungGalaxyThe new Samsung S6 Edge smartphone has been causing quite a stir on the market and looks like becoming one of the best-sellers in no time at all.  It is available a range of striking colours, including black, gold, white and green, and with some attractive bundle combinations of handsets, chargers and accessories.

The curved, 5.1-inch dual-edged screen of the S6 edge really sets it apart from anything else on the market and provides a novel way to manage calls, texts and emails quickly and simply.  The super-slim profiles sit comfortably in the hand and the glass rear panel makes it even more distinctive. The stunning QHD Super AMOLED display is protected by the very latest Gorilla for a super immersive viewing experience and scratch-resistant everyday use.

The smartphone also comes with the innovative, wireless charging pack and there are some great wired charging accessories too.

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