Roll Out New Tech Like a Pro

Four simple ways to roll out Surface

Every single hardware decision you make brings with it a slew of new questions: will integrating be simple? How do you reduce adoption time for end users? Can you keep users and data secure? And, perhaps most critically, just how time-intensive and difficult is the new deployment going to be?

According to Gartner, migrating to a Windows 10 device can cost significantly less than other operating systems – from $155 to $242 per system compared to between $256 and $445.* On top of that, choosing Surface can simplify new technology deployments even more – and provide users with the technology they would often choose for themselves. Click here to download an eBook and learn how Surface can help you:

  • Integrate seamlessly with existing technology.
  • Stay on top of security at every step.
  • Remain compliant without additional network complexity.
  • Control and manage hardware more effectively.

* “Making Critical Deployment Choices for Windows 10 Success,” 2016, Gartner

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