Report by 451 Research Outlines AppSense’s Unique Approach to Endpoint Security

451-Security-Paper-A4A new report from 451 Research analyses AppSense’s innovative and rapidly growing next generation endpoint security solution.

AppSense is the global leader of secure user environment management (UEM) and its continued success in delivering next generation endpoint security solutions is the topic of the report, entitled ‘Knocking Some (App)Sense into Endpoint Security.’

Released earlier this month (4th February), the report outlines AppSense’s unique approach and discusses how the company’s products fill the expanding gap in endpoint protection amidst a growing barrage of malware attacks.

Adrian Sanabria, Senior Security Analyst at 451 Research, notes in the report that: “AppSense has an improved approach to preventing unauthorised app execution with its Application Manager product that it believes will give it an upper hand in the battle for returning peace and (mostly) freedom from malware to the endpoint.”

He continues by saying that the vendor “has much more to offer than just an endpoint security offering. Its products are mature, widely deployed and proven.”

Meanwhile, Jed Ayres, Senior Vice President of Marketing at AppSense, said: “Anti-virus technology alone cannot adequately defend against today’s malware and its clear additional defense-in-depth techniques are needed. The challenge with traditional and even some ‘next-generation’ endpoint security solutions is that they devastate the user’s experience and are extremely difficult to manage.

“The main driver behind our success in endpoint security is that we have the ability to help prevent, detect and respond to these potentially devastating threats before they cause significant and irreparable harm to organisations.”

AppSense provides a wide range of endpoint security functions, including:

• Application control through whitelisting and blacklisting with Trusted Ownership®
• Granular Windows Privilege Management for a practical approach to least privilege practice
• Network Access Control to contain risk exposure
• Desktop software license compliance and enforcement
• Granular visibility into security and privilege activities in a live environment

Read the Full Report from 451 Research

To find out more about AppSense’s endpoint security solution, contact your SCC account manager, call 0121 281 8618 or e-mail [email protected].

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