Realising the True Potential of Software-Defined Storage

As enterprise data centres strive to provide a high level of service for their internal customers and applications, there is the constant underlying goal to do so at reduced complexity and cost. However, meeting those goals without sacrificing performance or availability has so far been elusive.

One common approach is to use a converged architecture based on flash arrays. This option offers high performance with a simple install, but it also has high costs. Another approach is using a scale-out software-defined storage solution to utilize direct attached storage (DAS) for reduced cost. However, this approach lacks built-in data and application management functionality which often results in complex point solutions.

The Veritas answer to software-defined storage, Veritas™ Storage Foundation, provides a full suite of data and application availability tools in a single solution to bring performance, availability, and flexibility to the data centre. Combined with unmatched read and write capabilities from solid state devices, enterprises can achieve results at a much lower cost than the alternatives.

Software-defined storage represents everything Veritas has been doing and innovating in the storage space for the past 20 years. Our definition of software-defined storage is probably broader than what you’ve heard from other vendors or industry analysts.

To find out more, read the Veritas Whitepaper: Realising the True Potential of Software-Defined Storage.

You can also find out further information by contacting your SCC account manager, calling 0121 281 8611 or e-mailing [email protected].

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