Ready or Not: Its up to your SD-WAN

You have a long-distance relationship with multiple clouds and pieces of your network, and that makes it hard to maintain the performance and security you need. What would happen if you could connect everything? Here’s what a day looks like with and without a connected, unified multicloud network.

Out like a light – You’re deep in REM. Security nightmares? None. Cisco SD-WAN has your back. And your edge. And your core. You have the right security at the right place, from user to application. That means no bed bugs allowed. It takes Cisco SD-WAN 4.6 Hours until Cisco detects threats.

Burning the candle at both ends – Are you blissfully catching zzzzzz’s? No. You’re awake, stressing over how many threats might be eating away at your network right now. On average, it takes 197 days for a company to detect a threat.

A+ application performance – Enjoy a cup of coffee and a breakfast sandwich— your applications are running like clockwork, even with the explosive growth in WAN traffic. Cisco SD-WAN isn’t just about increasing bandwidth. It dynamically steers traffic around network problems for optimal delivery of business applications. All while simplifying and securing your multicloud management. Healthcare organisations  have experienced 5x improved performance on Office 365 using Cisco SD-Wan.

Needs Improvement – Your morning is an inbox full of notifications: Applications are running slowly, and you have bandwidth bottlenecks. Congestion, high-latency connections, failed links—while cloud-based applications are key, without the right network fabric, they complicate performance. Looks like your breakfast will have to wait.

2-Day deployment – Policy changes? Easy peasy. On a global scale? Thumbs up. You have centralized management and visibility. This means you can globally deploy and enforce policy in real time at the application level.

6- month deployment – About that vacation you were planning next month: Will Hawaiian-shirt Friday make up for it? Because you just acquired months of work making global policy changes to your applications. Get ready to tag each network device in all your offices around the world.

Zero touch – It’s the end of the business day, and it’s “go-live” time for your new branch. Will you be here all night provisioning? Nope. Plan A: With Cisco SDWAN, deployment is simple, secure, and centrally managed, straight from the cloud. Then pack up and go home. No Plan B needed

Out of touch – It’s time to launch your new branch and sign off for the day. But you can’t easily access those thousands of new endpoints. Plan A: Bang your head on the keyboard. Plan B: Take many deep breaths and start another pot of coffee. It’s going to be a late night.

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