Provide More Value from Your Oracle Investments

COracle-Cloud-investments loud computing is changing the way technology impacts and delivers value to the organisation. While cost is still a primary driver for cloud, improved business agility and faster innovation are growing factors for cloud adoption. The cloud, if done right, can be a powerful vehicle for aligning your business strategy with IT and driving business transformation. So, how can you take advantage of the trend toward cloud computing and leverage the investments you’ve already made in Oracle? Oracle Managed Cloud Services is the solution.

Oracle Managed Cloud Services is a critical and proven part of Oracle’s broader cloud offerings and enables organisations to leverage their Oracle investments to extend into the cloud with greater value, choice and confidence. For more than twelve years, millions of end users have used Oracle Managed Cloud Services to increase their productivity and gain competitive advantage. Oracle delivers enterprise-grade, end-to-end managed cloud services across its broad portfolio of business applications, middleware, database, and hardware technologies.

Realise Accelerated Value from Your Oracle Investments

Oracle Managed Cloud Services spans the entire portfolio of Oracle applications and technology, and solutions are optimised and engineered for performance and efficiency.

  • Uptake latest Oracle technologies and innovations faster through coordination with Oracle Development. Since Oracle developed and supports the entire “stack”, we have unparalleled access
    to the latest technology developments and to a pool of resources unavailable anywhere else. This includes access to Oracle Product Development as well as Oracle Support. All new acquisitions and applications, such as Oracle Fusion Applications, are supported to get you up and running quickly.
  • Minimise upgrade costs with systematic and proactive change management. The offering ensures that your software is kept current and operating at peak efficiency and allows new applications
    and functionality to be put to use faster, at a lower cost, and with shorter implementation timelines.n Oracle also maintains standards and disciplined operating procedures around configurations and extensions which make it easier to upgrade.
  • Transform business processes while letting Oracle run Oracle. With Oracle Managed Cloud Services, Oracle removes the burden of routine tactical tasks, thereby allowing you to focus on strategic business issues to drive your organisation forward.

Leverage the Most Complete Choice of Solutions and Cloud Deployment Options

Oracle manages a broad portfolio of Oracle applications and technology and provides customers with an integrated and cohesive management model across a wide breadth of enterprise systems,
including ERP, HCM, CRM, Analytics and BI, and more.

  • Choose from complete end-to-end cloud services across applications and technology. Oracle Managed Cloud Services provides complete end-to-end services across hardware, facilities,setup/configuration, application management, testing, monitoring, patching, incident management, problem resolution, technical and functional service desk, point upgrades, security, disaster recovery – all included in a fixed monthly cost.
  • Select the best cloud deployment model for your current business needs without lock-in. Customers have a broad choice of deployment options with Managed Cloud Services,. Oracle can manage your applications at your site, through Oracle’s partners, or at one of Oracle’s world class data centres. We are also able to flexibly integrate between different deployment models and allow you to move back and forth over time as your strategy or requirements change.

Rely with Confidence in Cloud Security and Performance

With Oracle Managed Cloud Services, your systems and data are secured and protected at every layer.

Global scale and expertise. Oracle has made the necessary investments in IT resources, systems, tools, and in our state-of-the-art data centres across the globe – so you don’t have to. Rely with confidence in your cloud, knowing over 15,000 Oracle service professionals have the depth of Oracle expertise at every layer of your technology portfolio to ensure accountability.

World-class security and best practice regulatory compliance. Oracle Managed Cloud Services are delivered from world-class data centres with embassy-grade security. Data is protected by the latest Oracle products to ensure data privacy, while protecting against unwanted threats from both within and outside the enterprise. Oracle Managed Cloud Services meets or exceeds key security, compliance, and risk management requirements, as well as industry-specific certifications (e.g. PCI DSS, HIPAA, 21 CFR Part 11, SOC 1, and DOD and NIST standards). We apply best practice security standards and controls based on ISO 27000, and continuously test and monitor the integrity of these controls.

Standardised operating processes and innovative tools. Oracle standardises and manages cloud deployments from application to disk, using ITIL-based processes. By running thousands of customer environments on our standardised, certified configurations, we can apply find-one-fix many changes and automate routine service tasks. As a result, we’re able to more quickly detect,
diagnose and repair incidents and make changes so that your system is highly available, secure and up-to-date.

Delivering Value, Choice, and Confidence

With Oracle Managed Cloud Services, you can leverage Oracle’s years of experience so that you’re able to focus on core competencies and re-direct your resources. The offering provides more value from your investments, more choice to deploy and control your business applications any way you want, and more confidence that the system will perform and scale as required.

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