Proactive DLP: A new breed of content and context-aware DLP from Clearswift

What’s driving the market for DLP, one that Gartner believes is the fastest growing segment of information security, at 18.9%? (1. Gartner Inc., 2013)

Well, recent research undertaken by Loudhouse on behalf of Clearswift provides some solid indicators. Certainly, a rise in the awareness that attacks can come from inside as well as from outside organisations is increasing and is stimulating a growing appetite for the next evolution of DLP.

Other factors are also at play, however, including awareness of regulatory change, awareness around risks and consequences, uncertainty about what constitutes critical information and where it lives, an increase in the adoption of cloud and a fear of being vulnerable because organisations know they don’t have any form of effective DLP in place.

Business leaders are readily aware of new data loss incidents over and above the well-rehearsed credit card / bank detail leaks. It is these kinds of incidents that DLP should help to prevent, as they are still worryingly commonplace, so what should organisations now consider:

  1. Intellectual property theft.
  2. Insider threats – both from malicious and inadvertent actions of their personnel.
  3. Information stored in cloud environments and then compromised en masse.
  4. Embedded malware in documents and resulting Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) infections.
  5. Sensitive email leaks which damage reputation.
  6. Classified information ‘hidden’ in documents which are released to the public.

All these scenarios require an Adaptive DLP solution. This new variant of DLP acts with increased accuracy, which requires the technology not just to understand the content, but also the context – who is sending what, why and how.

Imagine a solution that can recognise information at risk and remove it, while leaving the rest of the information to continue uninhindered. The result is not just reduced business risk but also improved information governance and productivity. This is an environment where collaboration thrives – and one that every business leader would wish to create, because this is the route to greater competitive advantage, efficiency, customer satisfaction and profitability.

Clearswift’s Adaptive DLP technology has been purposely designed secure in the knowledge that only the right information is seen by the right people at the right time.

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(1. Magic Quadrant for Content-Aware Data Loss Prevention, Gartner Inc., December 2013.)

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