Polycom HDX: Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend

polycomAs video conferencing usage has risen dramatically in the past decade, Polycom HDX quickly emerged as the leading solution for video-enabled meeting rooms. Nearly half a million rooms are equipped with HDX, and it’s been at the center of millions of video calls.

But HDX was launched in 2006 – back when MySpace was the dominant leader in social media, and no one had ever heard of the iPhone, released one year later. Obviously technology has come a long way in the past decade, and there’s a whole new generation of video solutions that offer far more advanced capabilities, such as RealPresence Group Series. So it’s time to say goodbye to HDX, as it will no longer available for sale at of the end of October 2016.

A big part of why we’re putting all of our emphasis on RealPresence Group Series is due to high demand from our customers. They way they’re using video has evolved and Group Series is designed to meet the needs of the workplace of the future. Three of the top reasons we’re seeing organizations upgrade from HDX to Group Series:

  • Native integration with Skype for Business. It’s critical that video rooms are a seamless part of the way you communicate, and RealPresence Group Series is the only standards-based video conferencing solution with native Skype for Business integration. And it’s just gotten even better, with the Skype UI available right on Group Series systems to ensure the same interface across collaboration tools with no new training required.
  • Dramatically better user experiences. HDX offered great quality HD video, but Group Series takes this to another level. It’s not just about HD video quality any more, that’s a given. To truly improve the experience, you need camera innovations like EagleEye Producer that automatically zoom in on the person speaking, and audio innovations like NoiseBlock and Acoustic Fence to keep out distracting sounds.
  • Sharing any content, from your own device. We have many customers who rely on real-time full motion content sharing for true collaboration. With Group Series we’ve made it simple to share wirelessly from your personal devices to ensure that your content is always available to share in the most convenient way.

There are so many new applications and use cases for video that have been enabled by the unique innovations in Group Series, it would be impossible to cover them all here. I encourage you to check out our web site, where we highlight many of these stories and how Group Series is transforming the way people work.

It’s time to make the switch to RealPresence Group Series to enhance your video and collaboration experiences with the highest quality, easiest to use and best collaboration devices on the market.

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