PlentyOfFish and SanDisk: a Perfect Match for Engineering Love

SanDisk have proved the perfect partner for PlentyOfFish, the world’s largest online dating site, as they helped them overcome significant challenges with an all-flash solution.

The PlentyOfFish environment, one of the largest Microsoft SQL environments in Canada, executes more than 500,000 SQL statements per second over the course of the day, engaging more than 30 servers. On a typical server, storage was their biggest performance bottleneck.

“As a web application we live and die by latency,” explains Owen Morley, Director of Infrastructure at PlentyOfFish.

“We need to respond to requests as soon as possible, so that users don’t notice how much time has passed. We can’t wait seconds or milliseconds for a response. We need it in microseconds.”

Step forward the knight in shining armour, SanDisk…

Download the PlentyOfFish case study to find out more:

PlentyOfFish and SanDisk – a perfect match for engineering love

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