Play Fortinet’s Cyber-Defender game to see how you fare against cyber attacks

CyberdefenderFind out how you fare against a constant barrage of cyber-attacks, hacks and exploits by playing Fortinet’s ‘Cyber-Defender’ game.

Developed by the team at FortiGuard Lab, Fortinet’s advanced threat protection facility, you can simulate your own security ecosystem to evaluate your security posture.

IDC have defined the 5 stages of network security protection in their IT Security MaturityScape position paper. These are:

  1. Ad hoc: constantly vulnerable; few if any procedures and unknown risk profile
  2. Opportunistic: basic protection; entry-level security infrastructure, policies in-place
  3. Repeatable: established standards; protected from blended threats and common risks
  4. Managed: prepared for most attacks; continuous protection, constant vigilance
  5. Optimised: ready for anything; fully-embracing the security-centric organisation


To find out where you fit in, go to the Cyber-Defender site and get started.

Each game takes approximately five minutes to complete and the conceit is that you are the CSO for a large multinational with respected brand, intellectual property and sensitive data. You are given an initial $120,000 budget to spend, with a bit more allocated each quarter. Where do you focus your resources?




Where does your company sit? Do you just have the bare minimum in place – both in terms of infrastructure and budget? If you don’t purchase any protection at the start of the game you will be in the ‘ad hoc’ stage and will quickly rack up $750,000 in damages and get fired. On the other hand, if you purchase just $50,000 worth of protection in the first quarter you will be placed as ‘opportunistic’. You are still vulnerable but slightly better off.

In the real world, being ad hoc or opportunistic is simply not an option. Repeatable or manageable is good enough if you can manage the risk but it still leaves you as a target. Optimal security measures ensure business continuity. Being optimised may cost more and involve a lot of hard work, but can your organisation afford anything less?

Find out your posture now.

Play the Game

For more information about how Fortinet’s advanced threat protection solutions can help your organisation, please contact your SCC account manager, call 0121 281 8618 or e-mail [email protected].

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