Plantronics Win Frost & Sulivan’s 2018 Global Professional Headset Company of the Year Award

Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practices Awards are presented each year to companies that are predicted to encourage significant growth in their industries, have identified emerging trends before they became a marketplace standard, and have created advanced technologies that will catalyse and transform industries in the near future.

Plantronics won the award for its outstanding performance and its visionary innovation in the professional headset market. Taking the market by storm by announcing a wide array of innovative products and services throughout the year, outpacing all of its major competitors and focusing on addressing all of the key challenges and opportunities facing the market.

Implementing a robust process to continuously unearth customers’ unmet or under-served needs, and creating the products or solutions to address them effectively is one of the key areas where Plantronics thrives. Throughout the years, Plantronics, as the leading professional headset vendor, has demonstrated the ability to not only identify, prioritise, and pursue emerging growth opportunities, but also lead the market in terms of industry innovation.

Plantronics has successfully led in the market with the concept of “one professional headset does not fit all”, continuously refreshing its portfolio and expanding customer choices of professional headsets. Also, including new categories of products and services in order to address customers’ unmet needs, most recently around office noise management and cloud-based audio device management.

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