Philips PowerSensor – automatically reduce energy consumption by up to 80%

The Philips PowerSensor is a unique monitor technology that helps to easily reduce energy costs and take care of the environment.

Operating entirely independently from the PC or operating system, it is a built-in sensor at the front of the monitor that transmits and receives harmless infrared signals to measure ambient light. The sensor detects user presence and reduces energy consumption by up to 80% whenever the user is away.

The PowerSensor is capable of efficiently detecting user presence from 30cm to 90cm. Should a higher strength signal be required, the detection signal is easily set to a maximum distance of 120cm.

The PowerSensor enables organisations to easily reduce their energy costs and effiortlessly take care of the environment. As soon as a user is away from their station, the monitor dims it brightness and energy consumption is therefore immediately reduced. The more employees using the PowerSensor, the bigger the saving to your operating costs and the more you are doing to actively reduce CO2 emissions.

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