Philips Office Monitors – the key to powering productivity

Philips premium professional line monitors are built for creative minds ready to explore big ideas.

Philips’ professional line offers the most advanced solution for your business and your productivity. They feature the latest panel technology, superior image quality, a larger screen size, advanced ergonomics, smart connectivity, multiview expereince and PowerSensor technology for effortless cost savings.

If you need to communicate further with your colleagues, you can opt for the Philips Office Monitors with embedded webcam and microphone. This simple solution allows you to collaborate and share, saving precious time and travel-related costs.

Philips Office Monitors are simple to use and prepared to tackle anything you throw at them. They let you focus on more important things than the performance of your screen; for instance, enhancing your business collaboration and enabling the communication with your network.

Philips Office Monitors are ready to work just as hard as you do.

For more information, please contact your SCC Account Manager or send an enquiry.

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