Oracle Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Oracle-cloud-paasOracle Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) is powered by the industry’s #1 database (Oracle Database) and #1 cloud application server (Oracle WebLogic Server). Oracle engineers use this platform to build Oracle’s SaaS applications. By providing the same cloud platform to our customers, Oracle is enabling unique advantages to application developers including faster development of new applications as well as richer SaaS extensions plus the ability to move application code between Oracle Cloud and on-premises with no code changes.

Oracle Cloud PaaS is based upon industry standards including SQL, Java, and HTML5, and embraces design principles that enable self-service, ease of use, scalability, and elasticity.


The same set of technologies drive Oracle’s private and public PaaS offerings, enabling applications running on a customer’s private PaaS in their own data centre to be easily and quickly migrated to the public PaaS in the Oracle Cloud.

Badgeville Uses Oracle Cloud PaaS to Accelerate Development:


Specifically for IT and developers, Oracle Cloud PaaS includes:

  • Oracle Database Cloud Service to leverage the power and flexibility of the Oracle Database in the cloud
  • Oracle Database Backup Service for secure, cloud-based storage of Oracle Database backups
  • Oracle Java Cloud Service to develop, deploy and manage Java EE applications
  • Oracle Developer Cloud Service to leverage a complete application development environment



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