Optimize Decarbonization with the Zebra L10

As the Government announces new decarbonization plans, the need for a highly efficient energy industry intensifies. The UK Prime minister recently declared the Conservative party will deliver:

  • £800m for “core transport and storage” infrastructure to lay the ground for carbon capture and storage clusters in the 2020s
  • Fastest ever increase in R&D spending up to £18bn a year by 2024-25
  • £500m to help energy intensive industries decarbonize
  • £500m investment in rapid vehicle charging points

UK targets to decarbonize by 2050, now solidified in legislation, are driving efficiency projects across the energy sector. Connecting people, data and assets is key with reliable mobile computing devices a critical part of the mix.

The inherent need for dependable, high performance, rugged computing devices out on the field drove Zebra Technologies interest in the rugged tablet market. In  August 2018 it acquired rugged tablet specialist Xplore Technologies and 21 years of rugged tablet market and design experience with more than 40 patents. The acquisition catapulted Zebra from a player in the rugged tablet market, to the world #2 rugged tablet provider.

Just over a year on and the company is making headway in the energy sector where rugged mobile technology is a must. Field service and public safety are proving particularly relevant too for the new portfolio which includes the L10 rugged tablet platform and the R12.

Employees working in these hostile environments are working inside and out in all types of weather conditions. They operate in bright sunshine and gloomy buildings. Full connectivity is essential for access to real-time data. Company vehicles take the place of the office. Always on the move brings an enhanced risk of knocked or dropped kit and devices need the capability to process enterprise applications and data heavy software that may include maps and detailed drawings.

The L10 rugged tablet platform is built to meet all of these needs. It is highly durable, but lightweight, for rugged, 10 inch and available in Windows 10 or Android 8.1. Built in 3 form factors – the Xslate standard tablet design, Xpad with hard carry handle and optional barcode scanner, and the Xbook with detachable keyboard. Field workers may choose the device that meets their individual mobility and data input needs knowing all products are compatible with the L10 accessory ecosystem. Longevity of the platform comes as standard. The recently retired Xplore F5/C5 device was available for more than a decade from 2007 to 2019.

L10 is very high performance and built to manage field worker applications. CPU options range from the highest performance 8th generation Intel Core i7 vPro  chipset to the powerful yet more economical Apollo Lake Pentium.

The L10 raises the bar for rugged products and is tested to withstand 6 foot drop rating using military standard 810 g testing techniques. It is ip65 (ingress protection) which has really become the standard in the rugged tables space today. This means it is dustproof and waterproof and can easily be used in driving rain or in highly dusty conditions, conditions field workers often have to endure.

The L10 platform is built to be used with a complete suite of accessories that make life out in the field easier. The vehicle dock ensures company vehicles become efficient mobile office spaces. Available in a few configurations there is a cradle only with no electrical component, cradle with electrical input so it can be charged, and a configuration with a pass-through antenna important for customers operating in remote environments where connectivity is essential.

An extended life battery option provides up to 27 hours of operation compared with a standard 10 hours. The L10 is designed not to power down as you swap over batteries ensuring important data is never lost.

As well as an incredible rugged tablet range, Zebra customers have access to market leading products and services. Zebra is the world number one in enterprise mobile computers ensuring customers have the confidence, support and portfolio they need to truly capture their performance edge.

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