Office 365 Takes Lead in the Cloud

Office 365 CloudMicrosoft Office 365 is now the most-deployed cloud application in the world, according to a report from the US online identity management services provider, Okta. The firm began tracking such usage in 2012 and now says that most businesses are now using between 11 and 16 off-the-shelf cloud applications, with SMBs adopting just as much as large enterprises.

The firm said that surprisingly, its data shows that company size doesn’t play much of a role in the number of off-the-shelf cloud apps employees can access. Employees at both small (1–249 employees) to mid-sized companies (with 250–999 employees) have access to the highest median apps, both at 16, whereas enterprises (4,000 + employees) come in fourth with a median of 11 apps. Companies with 1000–3,999 employees fall in between with a median of 14 apps.

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