Norton 2016 Security is Unleashed

Norton2016The new version of Norton Security is now on full release and is likely to trigger a wave of upgrades and heightened levels of interest from users who are looking to make the best use of Windows 10 and PC platforms.

Notable new features are a new, clean and modern design look and next-generation anti-malware engine that provides real-time detection. Like previous versions, the new Norton Security leverages the company’s global intelligence network and advanced technologies to track down and eliminate threats.  It also features intelligent boot-time protection, aggressive new threat detection heuristics, automatic botnet scanning triggers and protection against smart ping payload data-leakage.

The new versions are designed for Windows 10, so they will work best on the latest PCs, notebooks and tablets. The release of Norton Security 2016 is therefore, an opportunity to alert customers to the benefits of upgrading to the latest systems and operating environment. On Norton Security, Standard (one PC or Mac), Deluxe (up to five devices) and Premium (up to 10 devices) are available.

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