New Philips USB Docking Monitor for simplicity that makes sense

MMD, the leading technology company and brand license partner for Philips Monitors, has announced an innovative new 21.5-inch Philips USB Docking Monitor.

The monitor has been created in a fresh new design to complement the existing 23-inch model, bringing greater connectivity choices, simplicity and extra screen space to more desktops than ever.

With its advanced USB plug-and-play and ethernet connection, the 221S6QUMB USB Docking Monitor enables notebook users to keep their peripherals connected, access the internet or office intranet, and enjoy additional display space – with brilliant clarify and vivid colours – all by plugging in a single USB cable.

Thomas Schade, Vice President EMEA at MMD, says: “With more and more mobile professionals preferring ultra-thin notebooks that are short on ports and interfaces, there is a real need for a display that can deliver instant access to desktop peripherals – and instant productivity – when users are in the office.

The new 21.5-inch Philips USB Docking Monitor connects the notebook to any of the devices hooked up to the display. It also expands the screen space available, enabling people to use both their notebook screen and the large AH-IPS display without having to adjust the resolution.”

For more information about the new 21.5-inch Philips USB Docking Monitor, please contact your SCC account manager, call 0121 281 8618, or send an e-mail enquiry to [email protected].

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