New LaserJets Provide Protection from External Threats and Self-Healing Features

Secure-NetworkHP is putting the emphasis firmly on security as it rolls out its refreshed LaserJet line and with it, presents resellers with a golden opportunity to encourage customers to update and refresh their laser printer estate.

Three new enterprise-class LaserJets, the M527, M506 and M577 are being launched to complete the core 500 series.  All three are smaller, faster, more environmentally-friendly, and even more efficient to run and HP is giving a high profile to three key technologies that protect customers from external threats and provide self-healing capability on the new models.

HP Sure Start validates the integrity of the BIOS at every boot cycle and if a compromised version is discovered, restarts the device using a safe, ‘golden copy’ of the BIOS. After a reboot, HP JetAdvantage Security Manager will, if necessary, reinstate the pre-defined security settings automatically.

HP is also providing Whitelisting capability for the BIOS components; when any kind of unexpected change is detected, the machine shuts itself down and notifies the network manager that firmware needs to be reloaded.

Finally, it is offering Run-time Intrusion Detection; this can detect malware intrusions while the device is running. It continually monitors the memory to detect an attack as soon as it happens. Devices can be configured to automatically reboot, triggering the HP Sure Start and HP Whitelisting checks and sending alert notifications to management applications.

Security threats are multiplying and printers attached to the network can provide a way in for hackers and viruses, so it’s important they are locked down. These new features will have a really strong appeal to corporations that are looking to cover all the potential points of vulnerability.

The new LaserJet models also offer up to 46% faster first page out speed, up to 71% faster two-sided printing and up to 61% faster to print from sleep mode. The use of HP’s JetIntelligence technology cartridges are smaller and with toner melting at lower temperatures, HP has been able to reduce footprints by as much as 24% and consume between 48% and 80% less energy than predecessors.

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