New HPSureStart: The Cure for BIOS Issues

Protect Your Business with the Industry’s First and Only “Self-Healing” PC BIOS Security SolutionSureStart

All businesses need uninterrupted productivity, and that includes security products and solutions they can trust to keep business data safe and secure. However, that can be a challenge for smaller businesses that don’t often have the resources of large corporations.

In fact, the 2013 Symantec Internet Security Threat Report says that small businesses are “the path of least resistance” for attackers. In 2012, half of all targeted attacks were directed at businesses with less than 2,500 employees, while the largest growth area for targeted attacks were businesses with less than 250 employees – the latter accounted for 31 percent of all attacks.

Security for SMBs

The key is to stop the attacks before they stop your business – and HP’s newest technology can help your business do just that. HPSureStart, announced today, is ideal for smaller companies, attacking security breaches long before they can compromise your data

HP’s SureStart technology works behind the scenes on startup – making sure your computer is protected from malicious or unanticipated malware attacks. It’s designed to automatically restore your computer’s Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) within 30 seconds if it is ever attacked or corrupted.

HP SureStart is part of HP BIOSphere – a firmware ecosystem that automates data protection for HP business PCs – specifically the HP EliteBook. It’s the kind of “future proof” technological breakthrough for security that will help your business stay safe and productive.

Built-in security for the HP EliteBook

We developed HP BIOSphere with SureStart technology with HP Labs, our central research arm, with the goal of giving our HP EliteBook business PC customers the ultimate PC BIOS defense system against malware and other common attacks.

The EliteBook is one of our most popular business PCs. The addition of HP SureStart means that you’ll never notice a cyber threat or attack – it works to eliminate the threat so that you – and your business – can stay productive. And, because HP SureStart is part of the HP BIOSphere, the solution also works seamlessly with HP’s Client Security and Client Management solutions – giving you automatic protection for HP business PCs. Key features and benefits include:

  • Industry-leading firmware protection against Permanent Denial of Service (PDoS) attacks, ensuring customers will not need to replace or reinstall hardware.
  • Detection and automatic recovery of the firmware system in the case of a PC BIOS malware corruption or compromise, restoring the user session in about 30 seconds or less and safeguarding hardware against data loss.
  • HP security and reliability improvements are delivered directly to customers via the web or customer’s internal web site, ensuring confidence in the PC BIOS rollout
  • Fewer help desk calls for crisis recovery or “bricked” units.

Learn more…

HP SureStart will be available globally on HP EliteBooks beginning this fall. Find out more details here.

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