NetApp Cloud Volumes for Google Cloud Platform Expands Availability and Offers Support for SMB and NFS v3 Protocols to Speed Time to Business Value of Data

NetApp announced expanded availability and features for NetApp® Cloud Volumes for Google Cloud Platform to help customers deploy workloads such as video rendering, databases, high-performance computing and continuous integration on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). NetApp Cloud Volumes offers customers a fully-managed, cloud-native file storage service that’s integrated with GCP and combines the reach of NetApp’s world-class data services, backed by hundreds of thousands of customers, with Google Cloud’s leadership in providing secure and scalable cloud infrastructure, application development services, analytics and machine learning.

One of the key challenges for companies moving workloads to the cloud is access to high-performance, scalable and shared file-systems that many applications need. Companies also find moving data from their existing on-premises storage systems to the cloud can be a cumbersome exercise. NetApp Cloud Volumes for Google Cloud Platform offers performance, scalability, rich data management capabilities and a wide choice of protocols at a competitive price point. As a true cloud data service, Cloud Volumes for Google Cloud Platform is a no-ops service, sold by both Google Cloud and NetApp sales teams, with a seamless consumption experience through Google Cloud Platform’s console for a variety of workloads, and integration with GCP billing and support.

“The conundrum companies face is how to take advantage of the agility and velocity of cloud computing while minimizing the risks of extensive re-architecture of their applications,” said Brendon Howe, senior vice president, Cloud Data Services, NetApp. “As a leader in hybrid cloud data services, NetApp is uniquely positioned to help companies across multiple workloads to create new market opportunities by accelerating their cloud transitions and unleashing the true business value of data.”

NetApp Cloud Volumes for Google Cloud Platform includes support for:

  • Multiple protocols including NFS v3 and SMB
  • Large volumes of data, up to 100TB per volume with Snapshot™ capabilities
  • Volumes scale up and down in both size and performance at run time
  • Operating in hybrid and multi cloud scenarios, on premise and cloud

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