Modernise your data centre with Hitachi object storage solutions

As unstructured data continues to grow faster than IT budgets, organisations are eager to bridge traditional and emerging technologies. They are looking for ways to support growth and agility while reducing complexity and easing the pressure on IT budgets. In addition, the rise of hybrid cloud, bring your-own-device (BYOD) policies, and file synchronisation and sharing pose new challenges for IT.

Hitachi Vantara provides intelligent, object-based storage solutions and applications that support diverse use cases like file synchronisation and sharing, cloud storage, big data, compliance and archiving, from a single cluster, simultaneously. These solutions enable more efficient operations, help secure and protect data assets, and help IT stay agile as organisations and business need to evolve. They allow the value of unstructured data to be harnessed.

Object storage brings structure to unstructured file data, making it easier to store, protect, secure, manage, organise, sync and share, search and analyse file data. The scale and features of these solutions help leverage a single storage investment for a variety of workloads. Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) provides a single platform that brings cloud management in-house and provides intelligent automation that frees up IT staff from day-to-day, hands-on administration.

Hitachi object storage solutions bring structure to unstructured data by intelligently storing content in far larger quantities and in a much more efficient and economical manner. The solutions treat file data, file metadata, and custom metadata as a single object that is tracked and stored among a variety of storage tiers. With secure multitenancy and configurable attributes for each logical partition, the object store can be divided into several smaller virtual object stores that present configurable attributes to support different service levels. In this way, the object store supports workloads, ranging from content preservation, data protection, content tiering and distribution to even hybrid cloud, from a single physical infrastructure.

Hitachi Vantara provides object storage solutions that address the challenges of fast-growing file data, diverse data types and access methods, and storing content for years, decades or centuries. By integrating key technologies in a single storage platform, Hitachi object storage solutions provide a path to short term return on investment and long-term efficiency improvements.

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