Microsoft Surface: the Future of our Police Force

To serve our communities well, the police force needs agile, reliable and secure technology that keeps them connected from anywhere.

UK police have long had to suffer the consequences of time-consuming manual processes, remote working connectivity issues, communication setbacks and more. Investing in the right technology is crucial for our police force to work effectively.

The Beauty of Surface Technology

Microsoft Surface devices provide police with the tools to remain agile and adapt to the changing world. But they also provide the scope for enhanced outcomes and improved employee engagement – crucial factors for a powerful police force.

Surface has many incredible features including the integration of police software and Microsoft apps, such as Microsoft 365 and Windows 10. It also supports collaboration and communication from any remote location, improving overall productivity. Plus, it delivers security from the chip to the cloud, enhancing safety and minimising security breaches.

Microsoft has uncovered three priority police roles that require a tech revamp: Police Staff, Hybrid Workers and Frontline Officers. The distribution of Microsoft Surface devices delivers solutions for many of their outstanding problems.

1.  Police Staff

The Problem

The pandemic significantly affected the daily practices of Police Staff, compromising their access to necessary documents and data. Because of remote working, workers also felt isolated from their colleagues. They need technology that provides easy access from anywhere whilst improving team communication.

The Solution

Microsoft believes the Surface Laptop 4 is one of the best devices to suit the changing lifestyle of information workers. Slim and lightweight, this model is perfect for hauling between work from home offices and police branches. Thanks to the long battery life, it supports all day video calls with the HD camera, as well as consistent app usage. This is enhanced with a powerful processor, which makes this model 70% faster than previous versions. And with a removable SSD, information is kept private and secure, bringing peace of mind to employees.

2.  Hybrid / Agile Workers

The Problem

The hybrid style of working has prompted a change in regular daily briefings. Now, Hybrid workers need devices which support briefings with both remote and onsite workers.

The Solution

Considered Microsoft’s most powerful computer, the Surface Pro 8 boasts a robust battery, removable SSD and HD camera. This unique laptop-tablet hybrid delivers multiple connectivity options and pairs effortlessly with the Surface Hub 2S. Bridging the gap between remote and in-office communication, this interactive whiteboard offers life-size video with a 4k camera. Users can collaborate with ease thanks to its selection of built-in apps.

3.  Frontline Officer

The Problem

When out on the field, Frontline officers must be kept informed by connecting to HQ. Poor technology could compromise their safety on the job.

The Solution

Portable and compact, the Surface Go 3 LTE is the perfect companion when recording evidence, communicating with HQ and more. This incredible device quickly loads policing apps and creates high-quality images with an HD camera. Its powerful battery allows for increased productivity and can be enhanced further with super-fast charging, saving mobile officers valuable time.

Branded the ideal device for the force of the future, the Surface Duo 2 delivers super-fast 5G, optimised communication and greater collaboration. Featuring two screens, the device is excellent for snapping photos with a triple lens camera and sharing in Microsoft Teams with drag-and-drop technology.

Discover more about Microsoft Surface for our police force HERE (download co branded pdf)

SCC and Microsoft

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