Microsoft Surface: Encourage Productivity within the Workplace

Microsoft work to deliver on their company mission of empowering every person and organisation on the planet to achieve more, they have increased focus on helping people across their work and personal lives. Offering tools for whole life experiences has never been more important as many of us are living a digital lifestyle that presents more opportunities, yet more demands on our time, than ever before.

Surface is the purest expression of the entire Microsoft experience and is designed to work across your whole life, keeping you in the flow so you can be productive. With devices that continue to push the boundaries on technology that fades into the background, enabling you to focus on what’s important.

In today’s multi-device world, you should be able to pick the phone you want, the laptop you want and have best of breed. With features like the Your Phone App and Windows Timeline, you can move seamlessly across all your devices and bridge the gap between your iOS and Android devices and your PC.

Because nothing is more valuable than your time, Surface devices will help you organise your whole life using its unique strength with Outlook and calendar, and understanding of your time spent at work. Microsoft will also leverage its enterprise-class Intelligent Security Graph and machine learning to help ensure the security of your identity and data.

Surface will enable you to unlock your creativity. Life is not a solo act, and our best moments are when we create and collaborate with others. In a world dominated by consumption, Surface will utilise the power of everyday AI, the innovations in our devices such as the Surface Pen and Dial, and Office 365 features like Inking in PowerPoint and Word and Embedded 3D Animations.

With the new Surface devices, Windows 10 and Office 365, Microsoft is beginning its journey to empower you in this new era of personal productivity. They recognise its incredible opportunity and responsibility as a technology company to help you make the most of your digital lifestyle.

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