Microsoft Offering Free Replacement AC Power Cables Due to Product Recall

Surface CordMicrosoft has initiated a voluntary recall for AC power cords sold with the Microsoft Surface Pro and Microsoft Surface Pro 2, and with any Microsoft Surface Pro 3 purchased prior to 15 July 2015 (“pre-15 July 2015 Surface Pro 3”). This is being done in cooperation with various government regulatory agencies.

If these AC cords are sharply and repeatedly bent or wrapped tightly over an extended period of time, they may become damaged. Damaged AC power cords can overheat, posing a potential fire or shock hazard.

Action Required:

  • Stop using your AC power cord if you have a Surface Pro or Surface Pro 2, or a pre-15 July 2015, Surface Pro 3. Replacement AC power cords will be provided at no cost through the programme website.
  • Please call 0800 048 8412 or go to the Microsoft website at to obtain your free replacement AC power cord.  You will be asked for the serial number of the device and if it is affected a new power cord will be sent to you directly. You should dispose of or recycle your replaced AC cord in accordance with local requirements.
  • Review the cord care instructions on the Surface support page at Power Cord Care.


  • Microsoft Surface devices and other accessories are not affected. Only the specified AC power cords are subject to this recall.
  • AC power cords connect the power supply unit to a wall outlet and are removable from the power supply unit.
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