Microsoft Lumia 650 Expected to be an Instant Success

Microsoft LumiaBusiness users will be the primary target for the newly-styled Windows 10 Lumia 650 and device with built-in Office apps and security. Industry players are predicting that the new flagship Microsoft Lumia 650 Windows 10 smartphone will be an instant success and rapidly become the best-selling device in the range.

With an eye-catching new style and the familiar Windows 10 operating environment, the Lumia 650 is easy to use, saves time and boosts productivity. It comes with Microsoft Office apps and advanced security features built-in and works seamlessly with other Windows 10 devices, such as the Surface Pro. Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage is also pre-installed, giving users the ability to access and save content at any time.

The Lumia 650 has all the right qualities to appeal to users and to businesses in particular. It looks stylish and professional and provides all the functionality and convenience of Windows 10. It is expected to be very popular with organisations looking for a smartphone that is easy to integrate into existing infrastructure, secure and enhances mobile productivity. It is the ideal smartphone for virtual teams and mobile workforces and fleets.

One outstanding feature of the Lumia 650 is its strong integration with the Cortana voice-activated is personal assistant feature. It also comes with the very latest advanced security features, including a secure boot, definable device locking, data encryption and VPN connectivity

The Lumia 650 has a sharp 5-inch HD display that offers a crisp, clear viewing experience, while the highly polished, diamond-cut metal frame adds an all-important touch of class. Weighing in at 122 grams, the Microsoft Lumia 650 is also very slim and light. The phone’s 5MP wide-angle front-facing camera is ideal for video conferencing and Skype comes built-in. It also has an 8MP rear-facing camera.

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