Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

Flexible. Adaptive. Effective

Microsoft Azure offers organisations the ability to deploy services quickly in response to their changing business requirements.

The catalogue of Azure services includes a comprehensive range of on demand Cloud services, spanning Infrastructure Services right through to complex Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data Platform components.

Azure allows organisations to run Windows and Linux-based applications in 22 Azure data centre regions, delivered with enterprise-grade SLAs.

Azure is built on trusted technologies such as: Windows Server; SQL Server; Active Directory; Hyper-V and more. This gives users a consistent, familiar and stable environment.

Managed Cloud Backups and Disaster Recovery mean Azure actively helps protect your business-critical applications. For any applications spanning on-premises and Azure, users can make use of ExpressRoute for a private, fast and reliable connection.


Ultimate Performance

Organisations with demanding workloads turn to Azure for its unparalleled compute and storage performance. G-Series Virtual Machines (VM’s) and >80,000 IOPs of Premium Storage performance deliver a powerful combination for data-intensive workloads, including SQL Server, SQL Data Warehouse, Oracle databases, NoSQL databases and SAP SD Standard Application. In fact, Storage on Azure broke a world record for running an SAP SD Standard Application in a Public Cloud environment. Azure G- and D-Series virtual machines run on the latest Intel cloud technology, which are designed with the latest Intel Xeon processors. For users, that means record-breaking performance and reliability that can handle even the most data and compute-intensive applications.


Simplify Complex Environments

The Azure platform simplifies the configuration, deployment and maintenance of business applications. Customers can select from from a growing number of pre-packaged templates to get started immediately. These templates are based on tried and tested configurations, and allow users to easily set up complex environments for applications, including SharePoint and Dynamics AX.

Many organisations look to create Hybrid Cloud environments, by combining services with their existing infrastructure. Azure allows organisations to move existing Windows Server and Windows licences to Azure, such as SQL Server and Sharepoint.

To provide best value for money, Microsoft Azure is available on a range of flexible payment options tailored to your situation. For organisations which have predictable workloads with well-defined compute requirements, Azure offers the Compute Pre-Purchase Plan – allowing customers to save up to 63% on compute costs. For instances where customers are moving a significant number of workloads to Azure, but at a moderate or less predictable pace, the Compute Option provides great pricing with more budget flexibility.

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