Microsoft Announce Azure Price Reduction in the UK

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Effective February 6th, Microsoft have announced significant price reductions on certain products within their Azure Cloud platform.

The reductions come in the wake of Microsoft’s recent price increases in the UK, and in many cases completely mitigate the price increase, or reduce it further still.

Examples of the price changes can be seen in the below tables, taken from the Microsoft announcement, and representing UK South.

Azure VMsPrice reductions (Linux VM)Price reductions (Windows VM)
F1 to F16-23%-18%
A1 Basic-42%-51%

Microsoft also stated that they will also be announcing price reductions specifically for their D-series General-purpose instances in the near future.

Azure StoragePrice reductions
Hot Block Blob-26%
Cool Block Blob-38%

For further information, please contact your SCC Licensing Manager or Software Solution Specialist.

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