Making use of HP Services Matters More Than Ever


HP Care Pack services contracts represent excellent value and offer peace-of-mind to any business that wants to ensure their hardware investments are protected over the full lifecycle of the products. Recent changes to the way firmware updates are managed on the HP equipment make it even more important.

Once they are out of warranty, it is now only possible to get firmware updates on HP products if they are covered by a valid Care Pack or services contract. In the past it has been possible to update products directly from the web, but updates are now locked down, so this can’t be done.

HP offers some of the world’s very best technologies and makes massive and continual investments to ensure that customers have access to the very latest advancements and that their equipment and investments are secure and protected. We have always advised that customers take out HP Care Packs or make use of HP Solutions Consulting Services (SCS) when their warranty expires, as this gives them day-to-day protection and reduced risk.

These latest changes make it even more important to take our Care Pack cover.

Another service that many customers will find extremely helpful is the HP Customer Asset Programme (CAP). This is a non-intrusive physical asset discovery that requires no system downtime, is non-invasive and collects data by external inspection. The only customer involvement required is allowing the engineers access to the data centre. HP will then produce an analysis report and a quote for cover.

End-to-end support options

There are several HP Services options available:

Commercial/Volume (Fixed) HP Care Pack

  • Usually offered with product or post-warranty
  • Primarily aimed at ISS, PSG and IPG product sets (with some low to mid range storage coverage)
  • Fixed price
  • Expiry needs to be managed

Enterprise/Value (Flexible) HP Care Pack

  • Offered together with hardware/software
  • Available up-front for periods of three, four, or five years
  • Reactive and proactive service levels
  • Price based on whole configurations
  • Converts to contract upon expiry


  • Supports a wide range of HP and third party hardware
  • Totally flexible
  • Can be tailored to fit customers’ overall solution
  • Products can be removed and added from a contract

Mixed vendor support services can also be offered and competitively supported for up to five years.

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