Make Work Flow with HP Enterprise

HP Flow CMDocument capture and management is a growing challenge for many organisations as they try to manage an increasingly mobile and distributed workforce. This is an issue HPE is addressing with its HP Flow CM solution, is an easy-to-use, cloud-based service that enable help customers to securely store and access information, from almost any device and any location.

Flow CM It provides web browser access to a complete set of proven document management tools for capture, store, search, retrieval, sharing, and more. It’s a great way to reduce the need to file documents, streamline workflows and collaborate more productively with convenient sharing and notification tools. It is easy to capture files using a PC, smart phone, tablet, MFP, or scanning device and documents are stored in clear, usable files.

You can capture a document by snapping a picture too – HP Page Lift Technology will enhance and crops the image automatically to create a fully searchable document.  Using the HP Flow Sync tool, files you edit offline are automatically updated the next time you connect.

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