Look forward to an Adriatic Adventure with HP Print

A rising star in the travel sector, it is  a pretty much impossible to come across and leading travel article that isn’t championing Montenegro as “the next place to visit”. The GT 20 programme offers adventure and personalised luxury in equal measure. You can win a place on the GT20 trip during which you can experience all Croatia and Montenegro have to offer.

All you need to do is register your HP print deals through the GT20 portal and be in with a change of winning. You can win in the following categories:


  • Largest revenue MPS Deal
  • Best New Business MPS deal

HP ships one printer every second and prides itself on being the best choice for print. HP print pagewide has a positive environmental impact:

  • Reduces carbon footprint of printing by 55%
  • Saves carbon equivalent of 50 gallons of petrol, per printer, per 100k pages
  • Uses up to 84% less energy thank laser printers
  • Generate 94% less supplies and packaging waste than comparable lasers

Generate deals for HP print and you could be in with a chance of exploring the beautiful Croatia and Montenegro.


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