Lenovo Yoga 720 and Yoga 520: Authentically and Personally Yours

Consumer preference for authenticity and personalisation is intensifying more than ever. As such, the desire for authentic behaviour is surfacing as a top consumer value – from what’s expected of brands, down to individuals’ unfiltered selfies and living authentic lifestyles.Personalisation has been taken to a completely new level from curated subscription food services to customisable cosmetics.

Rather than adapting to new technology, people want their technology to adapt to them. More than just a personal computer, the new generation of multitaskers want their PCs to offer personal computing at home, in the office and everywhere in between.

Keeping it Real

When it comes to authenticity and personalisation, the new Yoga 720 and 520 take it to heart by incorporating what users told us they wanted.

Windows® 10 convertible laptops Lenovo Yoga 720 in Copper11 (top) and Lenovo Yoga 520 in Mineral Grey11 (bottom)

They’re ultra-portable. They’re versatile. And they’ve got feature-rich functionality. Together we built personalised features into the new Yoga convertibles. Check out some examples of how we turned user feedback into reality.

You Asked For Versatility

As the lines of work and home life continue to blur, users need consistency and continuity across every facet of their lives (work, home, school, hobbies) and are weary of switching from one computer to another based on location or activity. Today, we’re just as likely to create a presentation from a café as streaming Netflix® in the office, and increasingly users need a PC that’s as versatile as they are. The versatile Yoga 720 and Yoga 520 are ideal for multitaskers who want to effortlessly switch between budgeting on a spreadsheet with full keyboard in laptop mode to sharing a video in tent mode.

New Lenovo Yoga 720 for more versatility

And Mobility

For our highly mobile lives, device portability is a must for personalised computing on the go. We made the new 13-inch Yoga 720 13 percent lighter and 17 percent thinner than before at 14.3mm and 1.3kg, while its younger sibling Yoga 520 is also thinner and lighter than before at just 19.9mm and 1.74kg.2 But even after shedding weight, the new Yoga convertibles don’t trade off portability with long battery life. Over half of users we spoke to value long battery life,3 so we designed the 15-inch Yoga 720 with up to 9 hours of battery life in FHD and the Yoga 520 with up to a whopping 10-hour battery life in FHD.4 Without plugs and cords, binge watching a full season of Game of Thrones® on a large screen has never felt so personal, portable and free.

13-inch Lenovo Yoga 720 is thinner and lighter for greater mobility

You Asked For Best-in-Class Performance

We found a majority of users value quality performance above all else, for daily computing needs like online shopping and writing longer emails.5 That’s why we packed a ton of speed and power under the hood of both the Yoga 720 and Yoga 520, including up to the latest 7thGen Intel® Core™ i7 processors and Windows 10. Because customers valued performance so much, we made the 15-inch Yoga 720 the most powerful convertible laptop in its class,with NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050 discrete graphics and blazing-fast Thunderbolt™ 3 for the world’s fastest data transfers.7 With the new Yoga convertibles, users get the real deal with a top-of-the-line PC and top-notch performance.

15-inch Lenovo Yoga 720 the most powerful convertible laptop in its class6

And Writing on a Pen

For many of us drawing and writing with a pen helps to reframe content in a way that makes it more memorable and meaningful. In fact, 18 percent of convertible users told us they use a digital pen or stylus.8 Not only is writing with a pen natural to human understanding, for many of us it feels more personal and offers richer ways to express our thoughts. Coupled with an ultra-responsive touchscreen, the new Yoga 720 and Yoga 520 both offer optional active pen support for editing, note-taking and sketching on Windows Ink™ for more authentic personal expression.

Doodle on the new Lenovo Yoga 520 with an optional active pen and Windows Ink

Seeing is Believing

People no longer just sit on the couch to watch movies – they want their movies available to them wherever they go. The new Yoga convertibles are packed with high-quality entertainment features because when it comes to the PC, a staggering 97 percent of users think a great display reigns supreme as the number one feature.9 And close to 70 percent of respondents pay attention to a thinner bezel for a better visual experience.9 This informed our design of the Yoga 720 with its breathtaking 4K IPS display (3840 x 2160) and ultra-narrow bezels – fitting a 13-inch screen into a 12-inch form factor for crystal clear videos on-demand. Better yet, the Yoga 720 has JBL® speakers with Dolby Audio™ Premium to match for a moving audio experience.

Watch videos with friends on the Lenovo Yoga 720’s up to 4K IPS display with ultra-narrow bezels

And It Doesn’t Get More Personal Than the Fingerprint

Remembering dozens of complex passwords can be a chore. Many of us are tired of the hassle of logging in with passwords and want a safe, convenient and more personal way to help secure the PC. 75 percent of users surveyed find bio-authentication as an appealing next-gen laptop feature.10 When it comes to bio-authentication technology, using fingerprints ranked as the most useful and easy to use.10 We listened and added an advanced integrated fingerprint reader on the Yoga 720, as well as making it an option on the Yoga 520. With a touch of their finger, users can swiftly and securely log onto their new Yoga convertibles through Windows Hello™. So when it comes to authenticating your PC, nothing says you quite like your unique fingerprint.

Secure fingerprint reader for easy log-in through Windows Hello on new Lenovo Yoga 720 (optional on Lenovo Yoga 520)

Technology like the new Yoga convertibles are enabling more authentic and personalised experiences. As user needs continue to evolve PC design and drive next-gen features, we will continue to innovate and deliver the experiences they want.

In EMEA, the 13-inch Yoga 720 starts at €999 and the 15-inch starts at €1,099 available beginning in April 2017.11 Yoga 720 colour options are Platinum Silver, Iron Grey and Copper (on the 13-inch model only).11

The Yoga 520 (14-inch) starts at €599 available beginning in July 2017. 11 Yoga 520 color options are Mineral Grey and Onyx Black.11

All products are available on www.lenovo.com.11 

1 “Global Study from Cohn & Wolfe Defines Authenticity in the Eyes of Consumers and Reveals the 100 Most Authentic Brands,” Cohn & Wolfe, Apr 19, 2016: https://www.cohnwolfe.com/en/news/global-study-cohn-wolfe-defines-authenticity-eyes-consumers-and-reveals-100-most-authentic-bran

2 The 13-inch Yoga 720 is 1.3kg light and 14.3mm thin vs. its previous generation 14-inch Yoga 710 that weighs 1.5kg and is 17.3mm thin. The 14-inch Yoga 520 is 1.74kg and 19.9mm thin vs. its previous generation 14-inch Yoga 510 is 1.8kg and 20.9mm thin.

3 Based on a Lenovo 2015 US survey of 2,204 laptop buyers.

4 The 13-inch Yoga 720 has up to 8 hours of battery life in FHD and up to 7 hours of battery life in UHD. The 15-inch Yoga 720 has up to 9 hours of battery life in FHD and up to 8 hours of battery life in UHD. The 14-inch Yoga 520 has up to 10 hours of battery life in FHD. All battery life claims are approximate and based on test results using the MobileMark® 2014 ver 1.5 battery life benchmark test. Actual results will vary, and depend on numerous factors including product configuration and usage, software, operating conditions, wireless functionality, power management settings, screen brightness and other factors. The maximum capacity of the battery will naturally decrease with time and usage. See https://bapco.com/products/mobilemark-2014/ for additional details.

5 Based on a Lenovo 2016 global survey of 304 respondents who own a convertible or 2-in-1 device.

6  Based on Lenovo’s internal analysis as of February 14, 2017 of 15-inch 2-in-1 convertible laptops using Windows sold by major competitors shipping > 1 million units worldwide annually.

7 As compared to other PC input/output connection technologies. Performance will vary depending on hardware and software used. See https://thunderbolttechnology.net/system2/files/developer/Thunderbolt_Style_Messaging_Guide_FINAL_11_12_15.pdf for additional details.

8 Based on a Lenovo 2016 global survey of 1,938 consumers.

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11 Lenovo Yoga 520 is marketed as Lenovo Flex 5 in North America. The 15-inch Flex 5 model is available only in North America. Prices do not include tax or shipping or options and are subject to change without notice; additional terms and conditions apply. Reseller prices may vary. On-shelf dates and colours may vary by geography and products may only be available in selected markets. All offers subject to availability. Lenovo reserves the right to alter product offerings, features and specifications at any time without notice.

Originally Published at: https://blog.lenovo.com/en/blog/lenovo-yoga-720-and-yoga-520-authentically-and-personally-yours/ 

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