Lenovo Working from home: The tech you’re going to need

As the UK is currently experiencing national lockdown measures in response to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, hundreds of thousands of workers are dusting off their home working spaces, as business are once again forced to ask those who can work from home to do so for the foreseeable future.

Many had started a phased return to a COVID safe workplace following the first lockdown in the summer of 2020. Others closed offices altogether and have adopted a permanent remote working model. In each case, the challenges of widespread homeworking remain the same and it’s critical during this challenging time that pan-industry organisations maintain productivity and operational efficiency.

Of course, remote working is nothing new. In 2015, the International Data Corporation (IDC) estimated that 75% of the US workforce would be mobile by the end of 2020. COVID-19 has accelerated the transition to remote working and created an environment in which investing in remote working capabilities today will protect businesses from the worst future economic or environmental disruption.

Now is the time for businesses to support their workforce by providing the technology, tools, and support they need to maximise remote productivity. To ease this transition, Lenovo conducted a survey of 1,000 employees at multinational large enterprise companies across the US, Italy, Germany, China, and Japan to understand their attitudes better.

Of those surveyed, 37% stated they are concerned about their ability to overcome distractions and remain productive while working away from the office. Distractions such as TV, phones, as well as friends or family, were their primary concerns. Design and functionality are the keys to overcoming these challenges and maximising the effectiveness of remote employees.

Lenovo: Technology in focus

With the right kit, designed specifically to address the challenges of remote working, you can create a productive working environment in just about any space. Lenovo helps you do just that, with bespoke technology designed in response to the upward trend in remote working and now being used by organisations across the world as entire workforces are sent home to comply with social distancing measures.

ThinkVision P27h-20 Monitor

The upgraded ThinkVision P27h-20, engineered for tech-savvy professionals, fits the bill perfectly. QHD resolution on this crisp display augments creativity and enables enhanced detailing. It delivers a premium, functional, and ergonomic experience with a stunning 27-inch, 4-side NearEdgeless In-Plane Switching panel. Thanks to its anti-glare screen, this monitor is ideal for contemporary open offices. Designed to cater to your work style, you can easily connect to peripherals through the P27h’s versatile connectivity ports, for a holistic experience.

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Essential FHD Webcam

The Lenovo Essential FHD Webcam is powered by a Full HD 1080P 2.1 Megapixel CMOS camera that allows your friends, family, and colleagues to see you as clear as day, even when they are worlds away. With full stereo dual mics that are perfect for conferencing or long-distance video calls, they’ll be able to hear you loud and clear, every time.

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ThinkPad X1 ANC Headphones

The Lenovo™ ThinkPad X1 ANC headphones provide rich, first-class listening and calling in any noise environment. Lenovo has partnered with Synaptics AudioSmart® to create industry-leading headphones with Hybrid ANC and ENC noise cancellation, adjustable on-the-fly. Native voice assistant support, and a foldable lightweight construction complement the audio experience – in a package that screams luxury.

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Click HERE to download the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 ANC Headphones Datasheet

Remote Working Bundles

By adding the right accessories to your core workstation technology, you can accomplish even more, with Lenovo accessories empowering people to improve productivity and enhance remote working experience, wherever they are. Against the backdrop of fast-moving and unpredictable pandemic, the flexibility to seamlessly adapt to your workspace has never been more important.

Lenovo delivers versatile and powerful devices that are vital for working remotely. It also provides pre-bundled accessory products to help significantly boost productivity, with additional accessories including travel-ready productivity and connectivity, essential wired keyboards and mouse combos, USB hubs, and Bluetooth speakers, all offering cross-compatibility with technology from all other vendors.

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