Lenovo Strides Boldly into the 2-in-1 Device Market

Lenovo DetachableLenovo has well and truly landed in the 2-in-1 market space, adding products with detachable keyboards to its ThinkPad X1, Yoga and MIIX devices. In doing so the company is delivering a range of solution that appeal right across the user spectrum, from large corporate to the smallest businesses and consumers who want maximum mobility for mixed business and entertainment use.

The robust yet light Lenovo ThinkPad X1 tablet is aimed squarely at the corporate and professional buyer with Core M7 processors, 8GB RAM and 256GB of encrypted SSD providing tremendous power. It has a 12-inch IPS touch-screen with 2160 x 1440 (Full HD Plus) resolution and Intel HD Graphics and a fully-detachable keyboard.

Also with a 12-inch display, the Lenovo MIIX 700 BE is ideal for both work and play, and with Lenovo’s unique ‘watchband’ hinge kickstand, provides easy transitions between modes and between notebook and tablet and back again.

Lenovo has also extended its pace-setting and very popular Yoga range with 2-in-1 variations. The ThinkPad Yoga 260, Yoga 460 and Yoga X1 provide even more versatility for users that want maximum flexibility. They come with various Core i5 and i7 options and 12.5-inch displays.

Lenovo has entered the 2-in-1 segment with a bang. The ThinkPad X1 is already attracting a lot of attention in corporate circles and won multiple awards at CES.  With the Yoga, Lenovo invested a whole new product category and the new additions live up to the high standard, while the MIIX provides an entry-level option that is exceptionally competitive on price.

Lenovo is now a very popular brand for both business and consumers and with this broad range of offerings there is a Lenovo 2-in-1 option to suit everyone, so it’s sure to make a really powerful impact.

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