It Is Time to Rethink the State of App Security

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Recent attacks targeting mobile apps and operating systems have put an unprecedented amount of mobile business data at risk. Many enterprises are

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unprepared to combat the latest mobile threats:

  • One in 10 enterprises have at least one compromised device.
  • More than 53% have at least one device that is not in compliance with corporate security policies.

This white paper outlines how to protect enterprise data while realizing the transformative benefits of mobility: State of App Security Whitepaper

Time to rethink app security

MobileIron secures corporate data in a world of mixed-use devices by separating the corporate data and apps from the personal data and apps, and by authenticating users, apps, and devices before granting access to network resources. Based on the identity of the user and the security context of the user, app, device, network, and cloud, MobileIron allows the enterprise to make dynamic decisions about what services to provide to whom and when.

For more information about protecting corporate data against mobile threats, listen to MobileIron’s on-demand webinar Top 5 Ways to Protect Mobile Enterprise Data.


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