Is security an afterthought of network design?

Security is often an afterthought of network design, and yesterday’s hierarchical networks are ineffective against today’s advanced cyber threats.

Clearswift and F5 Networks have joined forces to deliver a highly scalable web application delivery platform integrated with powerful security technology.

The unique solution can increase network performance, automatically detect and mitigate information loss risks, and alert organisations to potential internal or external data breaches without the traditional impact on productivity or communication.

The partnership between Clearswift and F5 is a significant development that will help SCC customers to maintain visibility of, and control access to, their web application critical information. It will provide a tangible benefit that SCC can pass on directly to customers as we work with them as they transition to a phase of consuming more web services and applications.

Download the Solution Overview to learn more, and contact your SCC Account Manager to follow up with a more detailed discussion. Alternatively, you can call 0121 281 8618 or e-mail [email protected].



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