iOS 9: Taking Enterprise MDM Security and Deployments to the Next Level

Together, iOS 9 and MobileIron deliver the advanced capabilities IT admins need to accelerate mobile initiatives — and their careers — with fewer touches for faster deployments.

The introduction of iOS 9, combined with MobileIron, gives IT a far more seamless and unified way to deploy, secure, and manage iOS devices and apps from start to finish. Together, iOS 9 and MobileIron greatly simplify all the complex, backend security and management work for IT. Admins can quickly configure and deploy devices with fewer touches so end users can be productive as soon as they switch on their devices.

Advanced Enterprise Security Features

The new security features in iOS 9 make it much easier for IT to protect devices and apps without impacting the user experience. Through MobileIron, IT can close several security gaps while allowing employees to securely access the apps and content they need with fewer touches and interruptions. iOS 9 MDM includes enhancements to app security, device security, network security, and the user experience.

Simplified Device and App Deployment

iOS 9 includes several MDM updates that simplify device and app deployment processes for IT admins and end users. Now IT can accelerate deployments by setting up a fleet of iPads with just a few clicks, which allows employees to start using them with no additional configuration required.

Enhanced Productivity Features

With iOS 9, Apple introduced several new features to boost enterprise productivity by helping employees access content in ways that are smarter and more aware of the user’s location, history, settings and more. Features such as attachment markups, iPad multitasking, and an upgraded Notes app are designed to help employees work and collaborate more seamlessly across devices and apps.

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