Introducing the new Windows Enterprise E3 and E5 Licenses

shutterstock_189632135Two new Windows 10 Enterprise licensing options have been released, delivering subscription licenses for Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, a technology that adds a post-breach layer of protection to Windows 10 clients.

The new license are available within the following licensing programs for midsize and large organisations; Enterprise Agreements, Select Plus, and Microsoft Products and Services Agreements (MPSAs)

So what is Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection?

Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) helps detect threats that have made it past other defences, providing organisations with information to investigate and remedy breaches. Client-side software built into Windows 10 logs relevant security events and behaviours and passes them along to a Microsoft-hosted cloud security analytics service, which in turn, processes data to detect anomalous behaviours and patterns that match techniques used by known adversaries or attacks.

The new Windows Enterprise Options

The release of Windows ATP has triggered the expansion of the Windows Enterprise licensing options. Four licensing options are now available, including two that deliver Windows Defender ATP.

  • Windows 10 Enterprise has now been renamed “Windows 10 Enterprise E3”
  • One of the new offerings is Windows 10 Enterprise E5 Per Device. This expands on “Windows Enterprise E3 Per-Device” and includes the rights to use the new functionality within ATP. It is a subscription and grants no perpetual rights on its own. However, perpetual use rights can be maintained by purchasing a special E3-Per-Device-to-E5-Per-Device Add-on license.
  • Windows Enterprise SA Per User has now been renamed Windows Enterprise E3 User and still offers the same rights.
  • Windows Enterprise E5 User is the new Per-User subscription option, which expands on the Windows Enterprise E3 User and includes the rights to use ATP. It is available stand-alone and is also included in a new SPE E5 suite. Like the Windows Enterprise E3 User SL, the E5 User SL grants no perpetual use rights. However, as above, existing can maintain perpetual use rights for the latest LTSB by purchasing a special Add-on.

The new names such as “E3” follow the conventions that Microsoft have adopted for subscription licenses for Office 365 and other services.

Existing Customers

Existing Windows 10 Enterprise customers need to be aware of the name changes to avoid potential confusion when submitting future orders or interpreting license entitlement reports. Existing customers interested in adopting Windows Defender ATP should contact SCC to discuss potential options.


2016 Microsoft Volume Licensing Product Terms, available at


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