Introducing the Microsoft Surface Laptop SE for Education

A laptop that unlocks learning

Hybrid and blended learning have changed what students and teachers expect from devices. As digital technology and remote engagement continue to play more prominent roles in the learning experience, it’s crucial that your organisation has the right tools to lighten their technical support burden as you deploy and manage more devices than before.

Surface Laptop SE is the most affordable Surface for students. Laptop SE runs Windows 11 SE, which optimizes performance with curated, education-first apps designed to run well on budget-friendly devices—all while simplifying deployment, management, and security for IT.

Here are a few features of Surface Laptop SE that help support engaging learning and easier management:

  • Complete low-touch deployment and management with Windows Autopilot and Microsoft Intune*
  • Control the device down to the firmware with Microsoft Endpoint Manager and DFCI
  • Power creativity through a full school day with up to 16 hours battery life1 and an 11.6-inch screen
  • Load and run apps and files effortlessly with the Intel® Celeron processor and modern eMMC storage
  • Be seen and heard clearly in virtual class sessions with a 720p HD camera and digital mic


Click HERE, to download the flyer for more information on the Surface Laptop SE for Education


Windows 11 SE

Designed for education, Windows 11 SE offers the performance and reliability of Windows 11 in a cloud-first edition. Students experience an easy-to-use interface and an education-first menu of apps, while IT gets an OS pre-configured for student privacy and remote management.

Click HERE, to visit the Microsoft Surface website for more information on Windows 11 SE


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