Introducing Surface Go 2, Surface Book 3, Surface Headphones 2 and Surface Earbuds

The way we work, connect and learn continues to change right in front of us. Our devices have become our window to the world – our office, our school and our social space. To help navigate the current environment people are turning to Windows PCs more than ever. In fact, over 4 trillion minutes are being spent on Windows 10 a month, a 75% increase year on year. It’s not just the pull of the larger screen and better keyboard, but the versatility of a device that runs the software we need and games and entertainment we love, with cameras and mics built in to connect us to the people who matter most. This is what Windows PCs were built to do. This is what Microsoft design Surface for.

The new Surface Go 2, Surface Book 3, Surface Headphones 2, Surface Earbuds and accessories are designed to help you do what you need, from anywhere – a concept that has taken on new weight since Microsoft first started working on these products. Instead of planes, coffee shops and offices, we’re moving from home office to kitchen table to couch, but our need for devices that keep us productive and connected has never been greater.

As a company, Microsoft are focused on supporting customers during this time of change. From making Microsoft Teams available to everyone to evolving Microsoft 365, Microsoft want to make sure every person and every organisation has the tools they need to stay connected and productive. Nothing inspires me more than seeing the amazing things our customers and employees are doing with our products. I’ve connected with educators like Dr. David Kellermann at the UNSW in Sydney and parents like Elisa who are using Surface to keep students engaged and learning from home.  I’ve felt the energy from our own team as they navigated how to build and bring products to market remotely. I am deeply appreciative of work they are doing for our customers. Mirosoft are so excited to get these new Surface devices in people’s hands, meeting them where they are today and supporting them with the tools they need to keep working, keep creating and keep learning.

As Microsoft continue to expand our Surface family of devices, our goal is to design a Surface for every person, every work style and every location, scaling from the most portable to the most performant. To give you devices that can switch context as quickly as you do to take you from work to play to everything in between. Microsoft Surface are announcing four new products and new accessories with that in mind.

  • Surface Go 2 delivers incredible value in a light, portable design, providing a great device for anyone in your company or family.
  • Surface Book 3 is our most powerful laptop ever. Designed for professionals who need desktop-level performance from anywhere, this is the powerhouse workstation.
  • The Surface Headphones 2 and Surface Earbuds complete your Surface experience, helping you find focus wherever you are and stay connected to the people and content that matters.
  • The Surface Dock 2 and the multi-port Microsoft USB-C Travel Hub help you set up the ultimate workspace wherever that may be.

See the Surface Go 2 short video HERE

See the Surface Book 3 short video HERE

Click HERE for more information on these products and read the rest of this Blog post on the Microsoft website

SCC’s End User Compute Service

SCC are a leading provider of End User Compute services and solutions offering a complete end to end service portfolio.  With proven experience and knowledge of delivering large-scale workplace productivity transformation projects, SCC provide the right product and services on time, to budget while maintaining a committed focus on user experience and IT strategy alignment.

By investing in exceptional people, processes and technology significantly improves workplace productivity, ensuring employees have the right tools and technologies to keep them connected and provides users with the flexibility that allows them to be productive anywhere and at anytime.

SCC understand that there are many challenges relating to Workplace Productivity including:

  • Evolving your legacy End User Compute (EUC) environment to meet the demands of your workforce
  • Funding transformation while managing an ever decreasing IT budget
  • Adopting and implementing new working practices by the user community
  • Access to skills and resource to manage the day to day operations
  • Addressing security and compliance requirements

How we do things

Using Service Management methodologies such as ITIL, SCC will work with you to discover, design, supply, implement, manage and optimise your future EUC environment.

Our services include, Device Management, User Access Management, User Performance Management, Application Management, Security Management

If you are interested in this service for your organisation and would like to book an appointment to discuss any requirements, please email: [email protected]

Or for more information on the End User Compute service, click HERE

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