Introducing NetApp AltaVault – cost-effective backup to the cloud

NetApp’s new AltaVault solution can help you to back up your data efficiently and cost-effectively to the cloud.

As organisations struggle with the challenges or meeting ever-increasing recovery objectives while datasheets grow and budgets stay flat, NetApp have introduced AltaVault® storage (formerly SteelStore). This new cloud-integrated backup and recovery solution will enable you to seamlessly and securely integrate cloud storage into your backups.

Organisations can use the game-changing AltaVault to:

  • Achieve 90% less TCO than that of on-premises methods.
  • Keep data encrypted and secure.
  • Reduce data volumes by up to 30:1 and speed data transport times by 75%.
  • Integrate with all leading backup software solutions and cloud storage providers.

Leading enterprises trust NetApp to enable their back-up-to-the-cloud initiatives, which help them to reduce time, cost and risk. Now they can find the right solution that works for your business.

For more information, please contact your SCC account manager, e-mail [email protected] or click here.

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