Introducing AMD Ryzen™ PRO 4000 Series, the World’s Most Advanced Desktop Processors for Business


New AMD Ryzen processors with PRO technologies check all the boxes of your next PC fleet.

Designed for Business.

AMD Ryzen™ processors provide the security features, supply, and longevity modern businesses need today Including:

  • Robust, multi-layered security features include a dedicated security processor and full memory encryption, exclusive to Ryzen PRO processors
  • Plentiful supply to ensure your production needs can be met reliably, with the right products for your market
  • Commitment to longevity with a minimum 18 month planned stability and feature consistency across all models
  • Flexible manageability options that are compatible with your current infrastructure, like DASH or vPro
  • The world’s most advanced processor manufacturing technology pushes efficiency to new levels and can reduce total cost of ownership
  • Unrivaled motherboard compatibility and stability with the long-life AM4 socket in service from 2016 to 2020, and beyond

Layered Defences with AMD Pro Security

  • SECURE ECOSYSTEM (OEM SECURITY FEATURES, WINDOWS 10 SECURITY) – Partnering with Microsoft and OEMs to deliver Modern IT Security Ready PCs
  • AMD MEMORY GUARD – Full memory encryption2 to help protect data against physical attacks should your PC be lost or stolen
  • AMD SECURE PROCESSOR – An isolated hardware within the processor which validates every code for integrity before it’s executed; a hardware root of trust
  • MODERN SECURITY ARCHITECTURE – AMD “Zen 2” Core architected with a focus on security features

Discover why AMD Ryzen™ processors are the fastest growing commercial processor brand.

For more information, click HERE to download the AMD Ryzen™ PRO 4000 Series Battlecard
or contact Hayden Tunstall on [email protected]

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