InfiniFlash™ System Wins Storage Insider Award for All-Flash Array

Adapted from the SanDisk IT Blog by Gary Lyng

InfiniFlash System

Earlier this year SanDisk launched their InfiniFlash system, an industry-leading system that brings massive capacity and breakthrough price economics.

Data centers are increasingly taxed to provide everything with a minimal budget and the superior density, extreme performance, scalability and low power consumption of flash has been revolutionizing TCO and enabling new possibilities for organisations and applications.

SanDisk capitalised on their long history of industry-leading innovation and their end-to-end vertical integration to bring out their first all-flash array, but they didn’t just want to add another all-flash array to the market, they set out to redefine this category.

A New Category is Born

InfiniFlash is a massive scale-out, all-flash storage system that provides boundless scale, efficiency, and resiliency for hyperscale and cloud workloads, dramatically reducing cost and complexity. The revolutionary platform creates a new category for the IT industry, termed by IDC as “Big Data Flash.”

The system introduces a new flash form factor, resulting in a platform that can deliver compelling TCO and dramatic space and energy savings in a fault-tolerant architecture with low servicing requirements.

The 3U rack system delivers 50x the performance, 5x the density, and 4x the reliability of traditional hard disk drive (HDD) arrays while consuming 80% less energy! And it starts at less than $1 per gigabyte (GB), and breaks the $2 per GB barrier for an all-flash system without compression or de-duplication technologies.

This is the path to next-generation data center architectures capable of supporting workloads with instant access to petabytes of data.

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